BLOXX + Death Cab for Cutie

By Shinobi Hipster  |  October 27, 2020


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I ran across a band, by the name of BLOXX, a few years back on Fancy Melancholic’s YouTube page – a really great page for “obscure” indie bands. Heard their song Your Boyfriend and another one, the name escapes me atm, but never clicked on the tab to see just who the band was (YouTube just went from one song to the next, or maybe it was a playlist on Fancy Melancholic’s page?) I’m not sure, either way that was my first introduction to them.

Recently, like a month ago, I ran across them again, on a random YouTube music listening session and their song, Curtains, reeled me in instantly. Everything from the rhythmic wailing of the guitar riff on the intro to the catchy and relatable lyrics to the super catchy hook – “I’m in love with her pale face, and I’m chewing on metallic taste, but I don’t like the way she talks to me.” It goes something like that, granted, I don’t know what she means by the chewing on metallic taste part, but whatever the hook is sooo good!

BLOXX: Curtains video

After listening to Curtains and Your Boyfriend on repeat, for the past 2-3 weeks, my 200th time listening, but my 7th time watching the video to Curtains I notice that it’s basically a break up song, or at least that’s what’s depicted in the video, well a post breakup song. This young, punk-esque, skater girl is riding her skateboard all over town, I’m assuming visiting the places she and her ex frequented, while reminiscing about the relationship gone sour. BUT, if you’re going by the lyrics in the video, along with the girl’s demeanor, she’s not defeated or broken by the relationship ending, but obviously she’s not ecstatic about it either.

The ending, where she deletes half a dozen videos of she and her ex from her phone reminded me of Death Cab For Cuties video, A Movie Script Ending, and that’s where the parallel between both BLOXX’s Curtains video and DCFC’s A Movie Script Ending makes a connection.

Death Cab for Cutie: A Movie Script Ending

Granted, A Movie Script Ending is a lot more somber, sad and overall emotional, I still find some parallel in both videos – they both showcase 2 young couples who have either ended a relationship or one that, if it hadn’t ended yet, I would imagine it would considering, I’m assuming, they’re about to embark on a long distance relationship.